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The Digital Commando Academy

Here at The Digital Commando Academy our Mission is to empower Small Business Owners, Freelancers, Virtual Assistants and In-House Marketers to be able to deliver Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaigns that deliver the Maximum Return on Investment.


Small Business Owners

Are you a business owner sick and tired of paying an agency hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month when that budget could be going directly towards your advertising spend? Well we can help you with that! 

Freelancers and VA's

Do you already work with clients that you feel would benefit from Facebook and Instagram Advertising but you lack the expert knowledge to deliver results with your campaigns? We can also help you with that!

In-House Marketers

The Facebook Ads platform is a constantly changing monster right? imagine if you had an expert on hand that can log into your campaigns with you and make sure they are bulletproof... you guessed it... we can help you with that!

Become and Expert

Our Team of Digital Commandos have created an academy that will take you from Facebook Ads Beginner to Expert in as little as 30 hours training. Rest assured, we are not theorists, our team are true practitioners with years of experience and everything we teach you in the Academy has been tried and tested and proven with real clients all over the world in a wide range of industries! 


Our Commandos Have Your Back

Once you join enrol into The Digital Commando Academy you are one of the team and our experts have your back! Every month your dedicated Commando Account Manager will set up a monthly 1-2-1 deep dive video call to go through your campaigns with you and ensure they are fully optimised, set up correctly and answer any of your questions... and Yes.. Every Month! 


Earn While You Learn

You have passed "Basic Training" and become a Tier 1 Digital Commando so we are sure you are eager to use you new found skills. Well one thing that makes The Digital Commando Academy Unique is that our Team of Hunters are tasked will matching you up with businesses for you to work with.... yes real paying clients! Giving you the opportunity to "Earn While You Learn".


Digital Marketing Commandos

An instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as buy now, find out more or visit a store today.


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